Our Approach

Fletnet works on the principle that each engagement requires agile and dynamic "on your feet" thinking and problem-solving.  We understand that every engagement has a specific roadmap and plan that should be followed.  What makes projects successful is a drive to succeed when things vary from that plan.

Our Story

The idea for Smart(er) Hands was developed while working IT in regulated industries and working in Telecom Engineering.  We identified situations where remote support staff did not have the skills that allowed them to develop creative and effective solutions quickly in order to adapt during project implementations or outage support engagements.

Our objective is to provide Smart(er) flexible support for our customers to ensure project success and customer Quality of Experience.

Meet the Founder


Mauricio Rodriguez

Founder & Owner

Mauricio is an innovative technologist with over 25 years of experience in Education, Financial, Energy, and Telecoms industries.

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